Payment and cancellation

Practical information

Payment terms

Upon receipt of orders, confirmation of the agreement is forwarded by email.
On the email confirmation you can go directly to pay via the link, in blue tekst.

If you have lost your email confirmation. Please contact us and we will send a new one.
Confirmation has a (Ordre) number in the top of the right side, please use when contact.

If you want the amount paid by bank transfer please use.
IBAN: DK 9062600001192263
Swift kode: JYBADKKK
Remember to apply the Order number on the transfer

The whole amount must be payd 30 days before the agreed arrival date

For groups of 10 persons or more and apartemente, deposit is required

Ordering less than 30 days before arrival, the entire amount must be paid by order.
If the full amount is not payd as indicated above, Ballen Badehotel is entitled to cancel the order without advise accordingly.

Practical information


Between 30-14 days before arrival date 50% repaid.
Less than 14 days before arrival date, repaid nothing.
Deposit is refunded if cancellation occurs earlier than 60 days before arrival date.
By cancellation means cancellation, reduction in number of persons / rooms, shortening of stay, relocation and the like. significant changes from the original booking.
Cancellation must be made in writing, by letter or mail.
The e-commerce law is normally 14 days to cancel the trade via the Internet. This does not apply to accommodation and transport, cf. Consumer Contracts § 9, stk. 2 and § 17 paragraph. 2

Ballen Beach Hotel’s cancellation of the agreement.
This Agreement may be canceled due to force majeure (disasters, strike, fire / water damage, riot, acts of war power. Etc..) In which case Ballen Badehotel eligible for cancellation of the contract without compensation.

Practical information

General Conditions

The purpose of this page is to give you access to information that allows you to plan, book and implement a trip to the island. We try to ensure all information is as accurate and precise as possible, but any liability for loss or damage arising from the use of information LAWFULLY EXCLUDED.

1. This website and its entire contents are provided without warranty of any kind.
This also applies to content from providers and partners are available on the website.
2. Any links to third-party site is not responsible for us, also is the content  and reliability of the pages linked to.
3. We have done our utmost to ensure that the information on the website is as accurate and precise as possible.
We disclaim liability for any loss, damage and impacts from the use of information.
4. If problems arise with the amount of payment on the website, and an incorrect amount will be deducted from your account,
it is us who will ensure your claim and subsequent treatment.
5. Questions about products before and after the purchase should be directed to Ballen Badehotel



  • Central location in Ballen
  • Several accommodation types
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Local produce
  • Rich history
  • Professional staff